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Spend a few dollars and get a professional Resume!

We say that for a great Resume there is a small price to pay ($15 for you!). Quality costs and your career is too important for you to worry about a few dollars. 

You are welcome to test us out, click the big red button and start adding all your information. Then you can view  your completed Resume in 15 styles, if you like you can then pay, if not you say bye.

The real value in our Resume Builder comes with the the paid option and the extensive benefits that includes but we do understand some will just need a very basic Resume so with those people in mind one free Resume template is made available as well within our online Resume Builder.

Our Online Resume Builder will help you create your great new resume in around 15 - 20 minutes. You will not believe how easy it is to get a professional new Resume that we know you will be really pleased with.  You can pay by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or a Debit Visa card.

Options include our Advanced package with life-time access, unlimited future updates, unlimited multiple versions the ability to download your resume in up to 15 different template styles using MS Word doc, docx or PDF.
They say school teachers are hard to please but I was pleasantly surprised this resume builder created a resume I was happy with. Good work team. 
 - Nate W, School Teacher
I now have a really good Resume thanks to this to Resume Builder site. It was quite easy to follow and complete all the necessary information. 
 - Thomas K, Office worker
Seems I now have the best Resume of all Janitors in the city!. Really happy with the excellent result and styles to choose from. 
 - Albert Y, School Janitor
Quick Resume Tips
  • Your Resume must be brief and to the point. Be sure, though, to make sure it addresses the most important parts of the job application so the recruiter can see you are suitable for the role
  • In your Resume try to include at least 6 key skills that are relevant to the job that you are applying for, it is important to demonstrate what capabilities you have
  • When displaying your name on your CV just use your first and late names ie Fred Flintstone, there is no reason to also include your one or two middle names as well ie Fred Howard James Flintstone
  • When preparing your Resume make sure that you tailor it to each individual role that you may be seeking, even small changes to reflect skills for each role
  • Make sure your Resume includes some of your key skills, specifically for the job being applied for. To help you, our Resume Builder has a large selection to choose from
  • If printing your Resume just do so on plain white paper, no color and no fancy borders etc
Our Resume Builder
People of all nationalities are following the USA trend of creating their Resume with a state of the art online Resume Builder like  ours. 

We will do all the hard work on your behalf. Our Resume Builder will prompt you for information and we will do the rest. 

Start your new Resume now and in no time you will be applying for those new jobs and hearing the phone ring with requests for interviews.