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Our Resume Builder is really getting great results

You can now select free or low cost packages with our online Resume Builder.

Our Online Resume Builder will help you create your great new resume in around 15 - 20 minutes. You will not believe how easy it is to get a professional new Resume that we know you will be really pleased with. 

Options include our Advanced package with life-time access, unlimited future updates, unlimited multiple versions the ability to download your resume in up to 15 different template styles using MS Word doc, docx or PDF.
They say school teachers are hard to please but I was pleasantly surprised this resume builder created a resume I was happy with. Good work team. 
 - Nate W, School Teacher
I now have a really good Resume thanks to this to Resume Builder site. It was quite easy to follow and complete all the necessary information. 
 - Thomas K, Office worker
Seems I now have the best Resume of all Janitors in the city!. Really happy with the excellent result and styles to choose from. 
 - Albert Y, School Janitor
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  • 2 million jobs have been added in each of the last 2 years - an average of 182,000 jobs each month
    11th Jan 2014
  • US job figures raise speculation money printing may taper off.
    17th Dec 2013
  • Here is something to be happy about in this holiday season . In November 215,000 jobs were added in the private sector
    6th Dec 2013
  • Forecasts are looking good for increased hiring during November, though it is slightly slower than the previous month
    6th Dec 2013
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Preview completed Resume template styles
Before even starting your Resume we want to assure you that your Resume will be of a professional standard. Here are some current examples of Resume styles used.

Currently under the Advanced package there are 15 styles available.

Click here to see the 15 templates/styles available.

Cover Letters & Interview Questions and Answers
Please select a comprehensive package of 10 example cover letters and/or a selection of 25 commonly asked Job Interview questions and specimen answers at a cost of $USD2.50 each. .
Our Resume Builder
Many people worldwide are using a professional online Resume Builder or Resume Creator to create their Resume online with no problems. 

Our Resume Builder will help you to do all the hard work. We will guide you with all the required information, provide online help and can then present your Resume to you in a large range of template styles.

If you want a great new Resume we welcome you to use our Resume Builder / Resume Creator and in less than 20 minutes you will have your new Resume and you can start applying for those new jobs.