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Quick Resume Tips

  • Make sure your online Resume Builder will let you update your Resume at any future time to the latest templates and styles at no cost
  • Be really careful not to make the most obvious of errors on your resume, for example an error with your phone number or email address. The things you are least likely to check are often the easiest to get wrong
  • Our Advanced Resume Builder package will allow you to download your Resume in up to 15 different template versions so you have lots of variety to choose from once you are finished
  • A really good Resume Builder cannot be free, how can it be free and still have time and attention paid to it by their developers?. Typically a free Resume Builder comes with a catch, somewhere you will end up paying for something.
  • Photos are generally not expected in a Resume unless the job advertizement specifically requests it There are exceptions, maybe roles in modeling, media, entertainment or similar.
  • Your new Resume has just 6-15 seconds generally to make a good impression on the recruiter. Many experts say that this is all the time it takes them to decide whether to read on or not. So, you must make a good impression.
  • Take your time when preparing your Resume, it is simply too important to rush or be careless with. Prepare it carefully and spend plenty of time making sure it is perfect before sending away for any job application. When sending your Resume away you do not get any second chances so get it right first time.
  • When selecting an online Resume Builder site be sure to look for one that provides unlimited life time access so that when you have added your information once you will be able to easily update or alter in the future
  • Our online Resume Builder will create your new Resume in up to 15 template styles when you select our Advanced package. You can download your Resume in your singlepreferred style or all 15 styles
  • Your Resume must be brief and to the point. Be sure, though, to make sure it addresses the most important parts of the job application so the recruiter can see you are suitable for the role
  • In your Resume try to include at least 6 key skills that are relevant to the job that you are applying for, it is important to demonstrate what capabilities you have
  • When displaying your name on your CV just use your first and late names ie Fred Flintstone, there is no reason to also include your one or two middle names as well ie Fred Howard James Flintstone
  • When preparing your Resume make sure that you tailor it to each individual role that you may be seeking, even small changes to reflect skills for each role
  • Make sure your Resume includes some of your key skills, specifically for the job being applied for. To help you, our Resume Builder has a large selection to choose from
  • If printing your Resume just do so on plain white paper, no color and no fancy borders etc
  • Try to update your Resume at least once a year to keep up to date with latest Resume styles and guidelines
  • Our Resume Builder will assist you to format the information and will prompt you for the detail that is needed for your Resume
  • Unless the job advertisement calls for it we do not recommend you include a photo in your Resume
  • Your Resume must be kept brief and to the point. Just make sure it is clear and easy to follow